“One expression of this attitude [of Jesus] is when we stop and give thanks to God before and after meals. I ask all believers to return to this beautiful and meaningful custom. That moment of blessing, however brief, reminds us of our dependence on God for life; it strengthens our feeling of gratitude for the gifts of creation; it acknowledges those who by their labours provide us with these goods; and it reaffirms our solidarity with those in greatest need.”
Pope Francis
Laudato Si', #227
COMMUNITY: Living His Communion Together

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The life of communion lived together at St. Mary's offers each parishioner an experience of the Lord's hospitality of the heart.

Community Sunday: Join us for coffee and refreshments on the 3rd Sunday of the month after the 10:30AM Mass in the St. Francis Hall dining area. It is good to gather and welcome new friends and greet old friends on Sunday morning. Donuts, pastries, cake, cookies, light refreshments are welcomed. Volunteers are always needed to help set up for fellowship and clean up. It will only take a minute or two...thanks in advance for your help!

Lenten Soup and Stations: During Lent, St. Mary parishioners gather together for great soup and fellowship starting at 5:45PM ending at 6:45PM followed by Stations of the Cross at 7PM. Parishioners help supply soup, bread and drinks through a sign-up in the Church vestible.


Good Shepherd Food Pantry, April 21

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Crab Feast Raffle Fundraiser

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If you need a phone number to arrange for a replacement, kindly call the rectory at 301-934-8825


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Prayer before meals

Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive through thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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